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Interesting links

Here you wil find some interesting links of Austin Eight Register connected car clubs and and spares supplies

Austin 8 car clubs

Austin Counties Car Club UK

Austin Tilly and Military 8AP Register UK

Austin Memories

Parts Suppliers

Austins of old Arley specialist in Austin 8 parts

John Davis Spares (engine and suspension parts)

Classic Engine Parts (pistons engine bearings etc)

Classic Car Engine Parts

Vintage & Classic Spare Parts (Engine parts)

Obsolete Car Parts

The Austin Seven Workshop

Austin Seven Spares

Vintage Austin Parts

The Green Spark Plug (electrical parts)

Ignition System Stafford Vehicle Components (electrical parts)

Auto Sparks (wiring looms & electrical parts)

Auto Electric Supplies (electrical parts)

Electrical Classic Car Parts (electrical parts)

Auto Sparks (complete wiring looms)

Vintage Car Parts

Austin Reproduction Parts

Vintage Car Tyres

North Hants Tyres classic car tyres

Longstone Tyres classic car tyres

Radiator Hose (including Austin 8)

Woolies trim (interior trim)

Car Carpets (complete carpet sets)

Speedy Cables (speedometer cables)

Burlen Ttd (carburettor parts)

Carburettor Hospital (carburettor parts)

Peter Woodend Tyres and Austin 8 Spares New Zealand (E-mail Peter check availability) /

Auto Surplus Vintage and Classic Auto Parts Australia (engine mounts and some others)

 Linkpage many suppliers

Old Car Services