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Austin 8 cartoons

Here you will find a selection of Austin 8 cartoons

Russel Brockbank 1913-1979  
These are original Russel Brockbank cartoons which were used for the article;

"A 5,000 mile jaunt through Mexico in a 1940 Austin 8 tourer"  

  • The Motor 12 June 1946.
  • The article is 2 pages.
  • Pages 407 and 408.
  • 3 cartoons by Russel Brockbank are used in this article.

All three original Brockbank cartoons are part of the Austin Eight Register Archive and are one offs and extremely rare.

The full original article can be found here 

  • Austin-Eight-Brockbank-03-B-Sephia-2000
  • Austin-Eight-Brockbank-01-B-Sephia-2000
  • Austin-Eight-Brockbank-02-B-Sephia-2000

  • Gordon-Horner-02
  • Gordon-Horner-01

Gordon Horner 1915-2006

These are original Gordon Horner cartoons which were used for the article;

"The Modern Miracle"

  • The Autocar 15 November 1946.
  • These images are on page 1025.
  • 2 cartoons by Horner are used on this page.

These two original Gordon Horner cartoons are part of the Austin Eight Register Archive and are one offs and extremely rare.

Pete Wilford (1957)

This is a set of four post cards made by Pete Wilford especially for the Austin Eight Register.

An original set of postcards is available for you!

For price information see the Austin Eight Register Merchandise section.

Please contact me when interested in a set of these postcards. 


  • Austin-8-card-01
  • Austin-8-card-02
  • Austin-8-card-03
  • Austin-8-card-04

  • A8-FLS-1946
  • A8SLS-1939-01
  • A8SLS-1939 (2)
  • A8FLS-1939-01
  • AAP1939
  • A8FLS-1939
  • A8sls-1939
  • A8VAN1947-02
  • A8VAN1947-01
  • New Year 2014
  • Guy Christmas 2013

Guy from Duffel (BE) (1961)

Guy from Duffel in Belgium made some clip art (pin up) cartoons for the Austin Eight Register. in the past.

Guy is disabled and spends hours making automotive pin up clip art. He uses his own specific style.

After sending Guy some images from brochures etc, he send some Austin Eight related (pin up) clip art in return. Also he made some Christmas greetings clip art. I included those as well in this section

Thanks for making these for the Austin Eight register Guy.

More of Guy's work is found here.     

Tony Phillips-Smith

In the early years of the Austin Eight Register it was Tony Phillips-Smith who made the Christmas card cartoons for the Austin Eight Register.

Here are some which I found in the Austin Eight Register archive which was handed over to me by Ian Pinniger in 2012.

Tony Phillips-Smith is a well known cartoonist signing his work Apsley but also produced line drawings of cars. Cartoons published in many one marque club magazines and general motoring magazines. Best known for his art used by the Vintage Sports Car Club.


  • Christmas-card-01
  • Christmas-card-02
  • Christmas-card-03
  • Christmas-card-04
  • Christmas-card-05

  • Austin-Christmas-card-Color-2015
  • Christmascard-2016
  • Christmascard-2017-color
  • Christmascard-2018-color
  • Christmas-Card-2019
  • Christmas-Card-2020-Paint-FINAL
  • Christmas-Card-2021-colour
  • Christmas-Card-2022-colour
  • Christmas-Card-2023-collor

Hermann Egges (1970)

The tradition of making Austin Eight Christmas card cartoons was continued by Chairman-Registrar Hermann Egges in 2015.

From then each year an Austin 8 related Christmas Card cartoon is drawn up by Hermann.

Here are the Christmas cards cartoons made so far.